Friday, February 8, 2008

A trio of great acts brings a crowd -- despite the crappy weather

photo by Joe Dilworth

Oh, Mother Nature, you’re going to have to do better than a meager “severe winter storm warning” to keep the people down. Granted, the weather was nowhere near ideal, but that didn’t seem to stop too many people from filing into the Metro Tuesday night.

Chicago’s own Aleks and the Drummer took a break from working on their forthcoming EP to warm up an icy crowd. Deric Criss’ tight, driving rhythms combined with Aleks’ circus-organ riffs and dark, melodic voice made for a pleasant, albeit unexpected, surprise. Charging through a set that included the brooding tunes, “I Want to Melt His Eyes” and “SZCZ,” Aleks and the Drummer set themselves apart from the current herd of guy/girl combos getting press as of late.

Anticipation quickly filled the room as Los Angeles natives No Age took the stage next. Despite suffering from a slight case of a bad mix and a bit of a rough start, No Age upped the ante and showcased their penchant for noisy, punk-infused rock. Drummer Dean Spunt sang effortlessly over guitarist Randy Randall’s blistering, buzz-saw tone through their lengthy set of two-minute songs. Listen closely, because 2008 will certainly turn out to be the year of No Age.

Liars, also an L.A.-based group, were the headliners of the evening. Front man Angus Andrew evoked an incredible amount of energy from his office chair while his band mates delivered a dense, effect-heavy soundscape that served as a great complement to the eclectic vocals. From their live show it is evident that Liars know how to carefully craft a song and deliver it in with impeccable form and fashion. Do yourself a favor and catch these guys the next time they come around, you won’t regret it. - Rob McGee