Friday, May 9, 2008

Cut Copy came to Chicago and put on a larger than life show

Seriously, the Aussies know how to get a party started. While Black Kids delivered a deliciously fun set, after which I heard someone in the crowd yell “as far as I’m concerned, that was the show,” Cut Copy took the stage for the first of two shows at the Abbey Pub and started off with “Out There On The Ice” from their newest album, In Ghost Colours. It was a perfect way to start the set, and when the crescendo hit its peak midway through the song, the crowd went crazy. Within minutes of the band even being onstage, the Abbey was transformed into a full on dance party.

After a run through the first song from their first album, Cut Copy dove into their masterpiece of shoegaze goodness, “So Haunted.” Even in the smaller capacity room of the Abbey, this song sounded larger than life, almost as if it was made for an arena. Next came “Nobody Lost, Nobody Found,” which was clearly a crowd favorite from the bouncing and gyrating bodies across the floor. It was clear that a lot of people in attendance for this show were longtime fans of Cut Copy – a lot of people sang back the lyrics to “Saturdays,” the lead single from their first album.

The last three songs of Cut Copy’s set happened to be the best. I thought I’d really seen the full extent of the crowd’s energy before this point, but it was obvious there was a lot of fun left to be had. Once the band had announced they were about to perform one of their newest singles, “Lights and Music,” they were met with a roar of cheers and applause. The extremely danceable beat and cutting-edge synths got the crowd moving as if they hadn’t been dancing all night.

After performing “Future” from their first album, Cut Copy delivered their coup de grace in the form of “Hearts on Fire,” the other single from In Ghost Colours. This electric disco-house gem even had me moving with the crowd, and I’m the guy you usually see just tapping his foot and nodding his head to the beat. When they left the stage, all they did was leave us wanting more. At one point in the night, guitarist/bassist Tim Hoey exclaimed, “Chicago, it’s been too long – about 2 years. Sorry about that . . .” I agree, shame on you for making Chicago wait so long for you, Cut Copy. - Neil Miller, Jr.